Cuban Links That Changed the World

The Cuban link jewelry design for bracelets and chains has recently grown in popularity but has been one of the most popular link styles since the 1970s. Yet with almost 50 years on its back the Cuban link bracelets or necklace has only diversified from gold to iced out pieces and stainless options with plating that looks like the real thing. In 2022, Caramelo Chains introduced real Cuban link bracelets and chain necklaces with over 18+ colors from red, blue, neon yellow, metallic purple and much more. Each piece is a hand assembled and custom finished in North America giving you the piece of mind that your designer jewelry bracelet or chain is high quality and made to impress.

Neon_Pink_Cuban_Link_Bracelet_Unique_Fashion_Jewelry_High_Quality_Color_Jewelry_Bracelets_and_Chain_Necklaces_CARAMELO_CHAINSSWITCHING UP THE CUBAN LINK GAME

Shoppers have always been limited in terms of color options for their designer jewelry until now. Caramelo Chains is the world's first Cuban link jewelry collection that comes in over 18 different colors. Handmade in North America from 100% recycled marine grade 316L stainless steel and custom finished to the color of your choice. Caramelo Chains link quality is not comparable to traditional fashion jewelry found online because of the metal quality and guarantee that the bracelets or chains will never rust or tarnish. 

Quality is the primary focus at Caramelo Chains never overlooking the importance of craftsmanship and service. Operating out of Montreal, Canada and Miami, Florida you can expect not only the most beautiful and unique jewelry pieces but customer support that ensures your shopping experience is perfect. Whether you are shopping for a gift or looking to add to your personal jewelry collection Caramelo Chains' customer support team is there to help you out.


Cuban_Link_Chain_Bracelet_and_Necklaces_for_Men_and_Woman_Stainless_Steel_Colors_Red_Green_Blue_Orange_White_Black_Army_Green_Pink_and_More_Colors_Custom_Finish_on_Bracelets_and_Chains_CARAMELO_CHAINS (2)

The concept behind Caramelo Chains is to give you the ability to buy high quality designer jewelry that matches your style, outfit, car and just about anything. You can also create your own Caramelo bracelet or chain with their full service jewelry team. Best of all when you buy a Caramelo Chains it comes with an amazing warranty that if down the road you are not happy with your color finish you can ship it back and get an entirely new piece in any color for only 50% of the normal price online. 



Beyond using recycled stainless steel in the design of each Caramelo Chains' bracelet and chain they also remove 2 pounds of trash from the ocean. This is accomplished through Caramelo Chains partnership with Forever Ocean a sustainable jewelry brand that works directly with some of the largest ocean clean up fleets in the western hemisphere. 

Every time you purchase a Caramelo Chains you will be directly helping remove plastic and waste that finds itself in the oceans around North America and the Caribbean. Caramelo Chains is committed to promoting the importance of sustainable jewelry manufacturing but also offsetting our carbon footprint along the way. Monaco_Turquoise_Blue_Cuban_Link_Bracelet_for_Men_and_Women_Unisex_Designer_Jewelry_High_Quality_Stainless_Steel_and_Custom_Finish_Colors_CARAMELO_CHAINS