Jewelry That Helps Clean the Ocean

We all know that our actions throughout the day can impact the environment around us. Caramelo Chains is committed to helping you shop guilt free ; ) You are now visiting the World's first 360 sustainable designer jewelry brand. The first to use recycled stainless steel, the first to help clean the ocean while you accessorize and plant a tree to offset carbon emissions in the shipping process.  

Green_Bracelet_Cuban_Link_Strong_and_Unique_Designer_Bracelet_for_Women_and_Men_Unisex_Bracelets_CARAMELO_CHAINSREMOVE 1 POUND OF TRASH FROM THE OCEAN

Every piece removes 1 pounds of trash from the ocean around North America and the Caribbean. Working directly with the world's leader in sustainable jewelry manufacturing Forever Ocean and U.N. recognized organizations committed to ocean preservation and cleanup. Now when you buy your Caramelo bracelet or chain you are showing your support for the environment and creating a positive impact on the environment from your shopping experience. Each bracelet of chain you purchase from Caramelo Chains would remove 1 pound of trash and plastic from the ocean. 



International jewelry brands have all made an impact following the guideline of helping contribute towards environmental cleanup efforts but Caramelo Chains took it to another level. No company, manufacturer of brand in the jewelry industry took the 360 approach from production to shipping offset of carbon and waste. Caramelo Chains is the first jewelry manufacturer to use 100% recycled, marine grade, stainless steel in their production process, while offering carbon neutral shipping by planting a tree with every shipment.

The days of luxury and designer jewelry brands ignoring the importance of offsetting their industry's carbon footprint are over. Caramelo Chains' goals include offering shoppers a stunning, high quality and environmentally friendly jewelry while pushing other companies to follow suit.

To learn more about our ocean cleanup efforts or our recycled stainless steel production process you can view Our Services page by clicking here.

Green_Bracelet_Cuban_Link_Strong_and_Unique_Designer_Bracelet_for_Women_and_Men_Unisex_Bracelets_CARAMELO_CHAINSHOW YOU CAN DO MORE TO CLEAN THE OCEAN

Beyond purchasing a Caramelo bracelet or chain to help participate in our ocean cleanup efforts one of the best ways to help support our initiative is to share our website ( and social media profiles with your friends and family. The more everyone is aware of the environment initiative from Caramelo Chains the more other companies will copy and mimic our efforts. Get your new Caramelo Chains today and get more than a fashion statement. Get yourself a piece of jewelry that shows your support for this beautiful planet, it's oceans and everything in between.